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Software applications:
AIGC application
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Statistical Library:
1. 1- and 2- factor Hull-White model;
2. Cross Currency Hull-White model;
3. Single currency and cross currency Libor Market Model;
4. Black-Scholes-Merton model;
5. Bachelier model;
6. Equity local volatility model, a.k.a Dupire model;
7. FX local volatility model;
8. Heston model;
9. SABR smile interpolation.
10. Deterministic hazard rate model .

Hardware Product in IoT: The MCU-10 device is a highly integrated 32-bit dual core microcontroller based on the latest ARM-8M microarchitecture. Dual core configuration optimized for power efficiency and high performance. This product is well-suited for wide range of IoT application include all required interfaces - I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, USB and CAN networks, especially for Industrial IoT, Trackers, Intelligent sensors. Embedded Flash memory with external static memory support may cover different cases – from compact edge application up to full featured smart devices.

Our Advantages

We can adopt customer risk framework and model governance, and implement in Python, C++, or C#. Our work is fully transparent and easily auditable. Valuation and Risk Analytics We offer our cutting-edge quantitative platform for valuation and risk analysis. Our analytics will break down the instrument into necessary hedges.

Exclusive advanced repair function: Supports high-precision recovery of damaged files according to reference samples, video repair can restore frame-level pictures, Fix blurry pixelation, display incomplete photos, fix audio not playing properly Repair unopenable, unreadable and garbled Word, Excel, ppt and pdf files

Support data recovery of various devices, such as: computer hard disks, mobile hard disks, SD cards and Thumb Drives.
Support data recovery in various scenarios, such as: accidentally deleted files, emptied the recycle bin, formatted, improper operation and system crash

Support transferring photos, contacts between iOS and Andoid mobile devices and PCs. Uninstall software to free up space.
Completely erase all data in the iOS system, 100% unrecoverable, protect personal privacy when trading second-hand mobile phones
Quickly fix problems such as black screen and endless boot loop in iOS system

Statistical Modeling

audio/video/picture/document repair

Computer data recovery

mobile phone data efficient management

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