Our Services

Software applications

Soft Trend provides various application software to meet the needs of different groups of users. Each application is designed to assist end-users in accomplishing a variety of tasks, which may be related to productivity, creativity and privacy protection. Our software applications are designed to help with specific tasks, simplify workflows, and improve communicatin accross teams.

Our Products

All user-friendly software packages from Editors of Drawing/Videos/Documents to utilities in iOS/Android/PC management, including data recovery, privacy protection like data delete and hard disk formation, etc.

Quantitative Analysis

Our job is to select the model based on customer risk appetite, internal risk framework and model governance. In line with the regulatory requirement we validate the model by building an independent model or models and benchmarking the objective model against them.

Model Recipe

1- and 2- factor/cross currency Hull-White model; single currency and cross currency Libor Market Model; Black-Scholes-Merton model; Bachelier model; Equity/FX local volatility model, a.k.a Dupire model; Heston model;

Chip Design

Soft Trend specializes in high-performance micro-controller design. Based on ARM ARM-Architecture series (M0-M33), we provide chip design for application of Industrial IoT, Trackers, Intelligent sensors from compact edge application up to full featured smart devices.

Stress Testing

Stress testing of the original model under extreme scenarios to determine the domain of the market data and model parameters for which the model maintains its accuracy and stability. to analyse the model performance in explaining the daily P&L changes, to identify the market data or model parameter uncertainty.